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Top Online Slot MachineTips

Throughout the modern age of casinos and arcades, the slot machine has always been the world’s most popular gaming choice. Even hardcore pro gamers are well known to chill out with high stake slots, something which can has a lucky side effect worth literally millions! On the web, online slots continue to flourish, backed by cutting-edge software and awesome new gaming innovations. Take a look at the most popular slot gaming niches, plus take a look at the reality of hitting the big time.

Authentic slots

Despite hi-tech being the en-vogue word in the gaming world, the allure of classic slot machines is still strong – there’s just something magical about the daft cartoon themes and ‘old-skool’ icons and bonus trails. Basic slots are also very easy to play, with mastering nudges about as complex as it gets. If you still yearn for the slots of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – you’ll fall in love with the authentic magic of classic slot games.

Video slots

Ok – so maybe the old style slots don’t cut it with your new generation gaming needs – in which case video slots are the option to blow your mind. Video slot games are true gaming adventures – just pick your theme and off you go. Featuring progressive game-play that thrills and rewards in equal measure, it’s the closest thing to video game entertainment, with built-in win potential. The latest video slot offerings such as Tombraider Secret of the sword are truly revolutionary in the slot world – and they simply shouldn’t be missed!

Progressive jackpot game

Online slot games have the potential to make lucky gamers, seriously wealthy – with a single fortune-laced click of the reels. Progressive jackpot games such as Microgaming’s Major Millions and Mega Moolah can payout in excess of 1 million dollars, on both web-based and mobile-based slot games. What’s more, every gamer who plays has a fair chance of winning – with zero skill needed!

Strategic slot power

So – you want to hot the slot jackpot and become an instant millionaire? Well, you’d better consult Lady Luck, because there is no way to use skill to beat slot machines! What’s more, although some strategies can be used to try and grind out a profit, they are not likely to increase your jackpot chances! Hitting big slot wins is essentially down to timing – just spin at the right millisecond and you’ll win big – the question is, what’s the right time to click! Check out the easy tips below to increase your gaming time, and boost the chances of finding a lucky spin:

  • Set a session budget, such as £10
  • Divide your budget by 100 to find you wager value (£10/100 = 0.10 per spin)
  • That gives you 100 spins to try and beat the machine
  • Quit your session after 100 spins

Picking A Winning Slot Machine

Of course, the one problem is which games to select! Check out the key slot niches, and match them to your aspirations and gaming preferences.

Classic slot machines

If you desire a nostalgic and truly authentic pub fruit machine experience, then classic slot games are for you. Featuring original style graphics, big buttons, authentic icons and simple click and spin functions, they’re a joy to play. Like all slot niches, the complexity of classic fruit machine games can vary tremendously, and there are countless features to discover and explore. While the action may be kitsch and relatively basic – the payouts can be worth big bucks, with typical stake ranges from 0.01, to 50.00 plus!

Advanced video slots

If new generation gaming is your thing, or if you prefer video games to casinos – then check out the latest video slots, featuring amazing famous name themes, interactive graphics and bonuses, deep themed complexity and totally blockbusting slot adventures. The new gen slot games feature huge multi-paylines, merging console style gaming with the jackpot joy of slots. Some video slots even allow hardcore gamers to play with 200.00 per spin, but with stakes from 0.10, they’re the must-play leisure option for all cutting-edge gamers.

Progressive jackpot slots

When it comes to the king of the casino jungle – it doesn’t take a genius to work out that progressive jackpot slot games lay claim to the title! The ultimate lucky slot hunters can spin for 1 million dollars plus – and all it takes is sheer good fortune!

Getting a strategic slot edge

Play SlotsHaving the power to genuinely beat online slot machines (or any slot machine for that matter!) would be the ultimate for any gamer – but the fact is there’s no genuine way to become a slot master and scoop huge jackpots – without good old Lady Luck! Despite this fact, many people will still try and persuade you that they’ve won by doing crazy things – like switching off the machine and re-starting it! Ultimately, the fundamental way to increase your chances of winning is pretty simple:

  • Play with a high number of spins per session, rather than a few high value spins
  • Play regularly to boost your hopes of finding a hot machine
  • Switch slot games regularly during every session
  • Quit when you’re ahead!
  • Set a session slot limit and leave the casino if you hit your budget!
  • Use a weekly slot budget and game with leisure cash only