Play Poker

Most online poker sites offer free money to beginners with the intention that they can practice their skills. On the internet, players can play for low stakes and often there are no entree fees. Fraudulent activities are common though and online security employees can check players’ IP addresses or hand history to track down fraudsters. Unlike conventional poker players, online players have to be focused on their opponents betting patterns, reaction time, and speed of play and so on given that they are not seeing each other face to face and watching the opponent’s body language. Dealing and shuffling is instant and players can play multiple tables at once to increase their winnings through an average of ninety and a hundred hands per hour.

Play PokerOnline poker is largely accountable for the increase in Poker players worldwide. Online poker can be a doorway to real –life tournaments or satellite tournaments. Poker involves player against player and the house does not wager against its players as in contrast to Blackjack or Roulette. Online poker games generate most of their revenue through what they term Rake. Most online poker sites are licensed by Gaming Commissions and auditing firms. Online poker sites offer bonuses based on raked hands played as an incentive for players. One of the most known poker games are Texas Holdem and Omaha Poker among others.

Based on ones’ favourite version of poker, tournaments are available where players compete for all or part of a prize pool. Usually one is required to pay an entree fee and thereafter a set of tournament chips are given. The tournament chips have no value other than determining the winner. The majority of tournaments are sit and go and bluffing is when you pretend to have a strong hand and making the other players believe that you are in the lead. Online poker involves Folding, Calling or Raising. A player can choose to fold and take themselves out of the hand, yet they do not have to put any chips into the pot. You can match the highest bet made earlier by another player by calling and by so doing you remain in the hand. You can raise by wagering an amount of chips greater than the previous bet. If one longs for excitement and loves competition, then online poker is for them.

Learn How to Play Video Poker

While the casino table games and slots are played by millions – one game sits there, waiting to be played by the smart gamers who knows it delivers an un-surpassed gaming experience – Video Poker! In truth, Video Poker is rapidly growing in popularity in online casinos, as gamers discover its awesome playability and potential skill gaming power.

Video what?

Video Poker! Many gamers still don’t understand exactly what video poker is – but it’s simply electronic poker played against a machine that delivers the speed and click and play functionality of a slot interface. In fact, video poker is one of the most popular games in Las Vegas – with row upon row of brightly coloured neon screens sitting in the big casino parlours.

How to play video poker?

Video Poker is fast to learn and just as fast to play! Every round of video poker begins with the machine dealing 5 cards to the player (the machine does not have a hand). The player has the chance to hold and discard cards, before re-drawing to replace the cards rejected.
The machine then analyses the card for classic poker hands and pays out accordingly. Some video poker machines include gamble features, offering the chance to boost wins in a 50:50 card showdown (pick the highest card). Video poker delivers a fast paced gamescape with an immensely enjoyable and volatile gaming environment.

Are all video poker games the same?

Although all video poker games are essentially based on the same concept, there are many different types genres of the game, such as the basic Jacks or Better VP, to more adventurous options such as Deuces Wild and Aces Faces. There’s huge scope to progress through different levels of complexity and wager levels, with huge multi-hand machines delivering the ultimate gaming experience for serious video poker players.

Is video poker really a skill game?

Video Poker has a big reputation when it comes to genuine skill and strategy gaming – with many pro gamers suggesting they regularly get more than a 1% edge over the machines. Even for novice gamers, it’s relatively easy to boost the fun and even the rewards, with simple video strategies that are freely available on the web. Essentially, video poker skill involves holding and discarding the right cards to maximise winning potential. However, true pro level video poker success takes real dedication, risk management and the capacity to get through the poor sessions.

How big are video poker payouts?

Video poker games pay out for all the classic poker hands, from the basic Jacks or Better, to the casino crushing delights of the Royal Flush! Payouts can reach hundreds of thousands for big stake gamers on progressive jackpot video poker games. However, payouts vary tremendously depending on your wager level. For example, a 1000 payout will be very different if you play with 0.10 or 10.00, respectively. Most video poker machines deliver average returns of around 95-98.5%, allowing every gamer to enjoy extensive VP sessions.

Death of a Video Poker Legend

Last Sunday night, Fred Collins, a man who made millions of dollars through arcade games and video poker, died of liver cancer in his home, at the age of 70. He died in the company of his family and friends. Collins fought his cancer for many years.

Collins grew up in a Salvation Army orphanage, and started his ‘career’ by carrying jukeboxes out of pickup trucks when he was a teenager. Collins grew up to be the king of South Carolina’s $3 billion video gambling industry, as the head of Collins Entertainment Corp. At the time that the state banned video gambling in July 2000, Collins owned about one in every six video machines across South Carolina.

According to Collins himself, ‘Pac-Man’ was the game that made his company successful, but video poker was what made him rich.

Collins spent many of his days in court, trying to keep video gambling legal, or fighting off anti-gambling lawsuits from others. Collins’ attorney, Dick Harpootlian, stated that Collins was a tough fighter and a very strong character. Harpootlian is a Democrat and one of the gambling industry’s attorneys.

When Collins’ parents divorced when he was still very young, he ended up in a Salvation Army orphanage, after his mom died. Last month, the Salvation Army gave Collins’ organization $1.1 million.

Collins sternly fought for video poker and when Republican Gov. David Beasley wanted to prohibit video gambling in the state, Collins organized other video gambling machine owners to invest in Beasley’s challenger, Jim Hodges, who eventually won the elections in 1998.

In 2003, seven people testified against Collins in court, stating that they were addicted to gambling and video poker machines ruined their lives. Collins was also the only video poker machine operator out of 48, who was sued by a group of gamblers for addiction. After a mistrial, Collins settled with the gamblers for an undisclosed amount before the second trial ended.

Collins made sure Collins Entertainment Corp would stay alive after his death, and that his family would take over the company. His daughter, Felicia Collins Robbins, stated that Collins Entertainment Corp will surely remain South Carolina’s premiere coin machine operator under the family’s leadership. Collins, who was divorced, had three daughters and a son.