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The truth about winning blackjack

Today, most people are being easily absorbed by the game of blackjack. This make this game to be considered to be the most gambled game both in the online and offline. This is also because that the game of blackjack is very easy to gamble and if one knows all the strategies of this game, he or she can become a professional gambler at the same time winning lots and lots of prizes.

Every gambler must have at least 21 cards or closer for them to win the lobstermania slots review blackjack game. When the player gets cards which are more than 21 they are great chances of them to lose the game.

There is only one thing which one has to always to keep in mind if he or she wants to win the blackjack game. They should always remember to utilize all the strategies correctly. This is the most required thing to do if you really want to win this game.

The strategies that are used in the winning the blackjack games are considered to be the vital elements to be used. The player’s ability to manipulate and attack are the basic skills which a gambler needs to learn for him to win the game.

The easy ways which one can use in order to win the game of blackjack these steps help the gambler to get a good chance of winning but they do not make the gambler to win

The player must know when to stand or hit

Play BlackjackThere are many gamblers who don’t know when to stand or hit and this has been proven that 3 out of 10 blackjack gamblers do this without any knowledge. Most of these people rely on their instincts. Sometimes the instincts can be a factor of winning the game but also very risky.

This requires all the players to correctly know when to stand or hit. This is not that difficult all what the player needs to do is to watch carefully the dealt cards including the dealer’s cards. The best thing which you should always know is that this thing of standing and hitting depends on the cards of a dealer.

All the gamblers must assume that the lowest card which the dealer has is 10
This is always based on the dealer’s down card which is 10 and thus when the dealer gets a 6. This is the blackjack theory.

If the dealer gets 7 on his down card there are great chances that he will lose the game and the gambler’s chances of getting closer to 21 are very high. This always depends on the cards which the dealer gets and thus when the gambler can make the decision of standing of hitting. When you are gambling and you see such things happening be happy because you are about to win the game.

Grasping The Basic Blackjack Strategy

The game of blackjack is potentially one of the most serious professional gambling niches in existence – but the web has given millions of casual gamers the chance feels the vibe of genuine Las Vegas and European blackjack – in the comfort of their home. The question is – what’s the best way for the typical casual casino player to start playing blackjack, and quickly rise to intermediate level where the fun and rewards are significantly higher?

Check out our quick guide to recreational blackjack gaming, including simple strategic concepts.

The basic aim for any blackjack game is to hit as close to 21 as possible (and obviously, hitting an ace + 10 to form blackjack ideally). However, gaming with the concept of ‘simple forming as high a combo as possible’ contains zero statistical power – and essentially means you’ll be up against the full casino edge. What’s more, by simply gaming with ‘basic strategy’ – you can instantly minimise the house advantage (not reverse it, but keep it as lower than you would playing totally casually). You can find blackjack strategy cards freely on the Internet, and total novices can get up and running in no time. Check out the key basic blackjack strategy tips:

  • Tip 1: If the dealer has a 7 card or higher, then click hit until your score is 17 or more
  • Tip 2: If the dealer has a score of 6 or less – then hit until you hold 12 or over
  • Tip 3: Double down bet if your first hand is 10 or 11 and then dealer holds 9 or below
  • Tip 4: Split your hands if you hold 2 x aces or 2 x 8’s.

By simply gaming with a few basic blackjack strategy tips, you’ll quickly boost your fun and basic winning hands.

Easy card counting for casual gamers

The infamous card counting blackjack pro’s are world famous for the ability to beat the casino edge and virtually guarantee that they’ll beat the house in the long run. However, hardcore card counting is a real science, and requires pro level bank rolls, extremely precise analysis and application and the cool head to sail through volatile losing sessions. Fortunately – casual blackjack gamers steal a few tips from the pro card counters!

Essentially, casual card counting refers to the art of scoring the pack for high (10s, jacks, queens, kings) and low cards (2 to 5). In basic 6 deck gaming, a card counts of six or more low:high cards dealt, indicates that the advantage may be with you – the player. Equally, this concept can be reversed to find the scenarios when the house could crush you! Essentially – you can use casual counting to adapt you bet types and risk.

In addition, basic card counting can be used to go beyond basic blackjack strategy. For example – imagine a round where you are faced with holding a hand of 16, while the house has a 10 card face-up.

Basic blackjack strategy instructs a player to Hit if your hand is worth 16 versus a dealer 10. But is this the optimal strategy? According to simple card counting, it isn’t! Instead, if the advantage is with you (6+ low:high cards dealt) – then it’s advantageous to stand, and only hit if you do not have the edge.

Once you’ve grasped the blackjack basics and simple card counting is a breeze – look for more advanced ways to play them game – and become a serious casual blackjack gamer who the casinos fear!

ADD Champion in Blackjack Game

Semyon Dukach, son of poor Russian immigrants won millions of dollars playing the world-famous blackjack game in casinos all over the world. Now, Dukach decided it’s time for a change, and he’s focusing on other projects.

Dukach holds a master’s degree in computer science from MIT and won loads of money, from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, by playing the blackjack game. He didn’t use the old fashion way of counting cards but he invented his own technique of legally manipulating the blackjack game. No casino was prepared for Dukach’s techniques and they had no idea how to react.

The reason Dukach’s gives for playing blackjack are taking revenge on the casinos. He saw casinos as the most immoral business practices and by taking so much money from them, he wanted to show them a lesson. Dukach sincerely believes that casinos are a dishonest kind of business. He sees them as illegal operations who try to get people addicted to gambling and then steal all their money. He hates the glitter and glamour of Vegas casinos, and sees it as a cover-up for their dirty businesses.

According to Dukach, he has been threatened by the casino staff several times in his live, trying to keep Dukach from playing and winning in their casinos. The blackjack genius believed that the casinos had no right not to let him play.

Dukach was surprised that the casino put so much effort in trying to keep him from playing. With the money they make, you would think they couldn’t care less.

Dukach tells his story in the recently released book Busting Vegas, by Harvard graduate Ben Mezrich. Another of his latest projects is his brand new website on which he sells DVDs that explains card- counting and advanced sequencing techniques- in short, everything an ambitious amateur needs to try to start beating the casinos, while playing a blackjack game.

Even though, Dukach’s talents lie with the blackjack game, he’s going into two different fields. According to himself, he has career ADD, he can’t do the same thing all the time, it’s too boring. This is why his next project is starting up a dating service.