Video poker made a massive impact in Las Vegas when the machines revolutionized the concept of machine-based casino gambling. Today, the electronic poker niche has just as much presence on the web, and it’s the perfect game for the 21st century gamer – whether you’re a casual or professional casino player. Check out the power of video poker on the web.

Neon VP glow

Play CasinoVideo poker is a legendary game that hit the heights of Las Vegas fame during the 80’s – going from zero to hero as hardcore gamblers realized the power of the game. On the web, the game retains all the vibe and glitz of the neon city, featuring extremely bright screens and high resolution graphical interfaces. Video poker is much more than just a visual feast though – it offers extreme levels of instant gaming satisfaction and playability:

  • Load-up video poker, click to bet and click again to start the round
  • Look over the 5 cards handed out by the VP machine
  • Click hold/discard to progress
  • The game pays out for any winning poker combination

Many gamers liken the video poker playability to slot machines – and the screen format and big button do resemble to instant adrenalin rush and satisfaction of slots. Of course, video poker is much more than a simple slot game.

Play like a casino pro

The real Vegas magic of video poker machines, both offline and on the web – is the element of genuine skill and strategy that can be applied to every round you play. In essence, video poker is a very simple concept, and your only input is to decide which cards to hold and discard after the initial 5 cards are dealt. However, performing this one move correctly can turn video poker from luck and chance – into a statistical concept. To apply video poker strategy, you simply check the cards against a strategy chart, and make the move indicated; basic strategy charts are predicted to reduce the machine edge to less than 1%, while hardcore VP systems have the power to potentially reverse the video poker edge in your favor! Take a look at the betting style needed to make video poker skill work.

  • Never think you are sure to win – budget wisely and only wager cash you can afford to lose
  • Video poker gaming can be volatile, so play with a low bet percentage and use level stakes
  • Video poker skill will respond best when played over a large volume of VP rounds – don’t expect every session to be a winning one!

Win big with video poker

Video poker pro’s are famous for scooping regular winnings from the machines, but the luckiest gamers can end-up winning hundreds of thousands thanks to Royal Flush jackpots. Although you need luck to strike it rich – playing with a basic strategy will maximize any Royal Flush potential (meaning you will never miss out on a big payout opportunity by making a bad move).

Fantastic Online Gambling Strategies

With millions bring wagered every day on online gambling websites – the growth in the popularity of online gamblers among both pro’s and casual players, shows no sign of slowing any time soon.

Both pro gamblers and casual punters are hitting the web to use strategies and skills in both online casinos and sports betting websites. Some gambling systems such as progressive Martingale chains are frequently used in even money casino games such as roulette, and when betting on favourite horses – to recover losses and secure a profit when a winning bet occurs. However, such a strategy is filled with risk of being wiped out by a freak bad run! However, for sports gamblers there’s always the chance to analyse form and make selections based on whether the value of the selection is good or bad. Consistently gambling with good value is a sure fire way to profit in the long term. In the casino world, online gambling strategies are easy to find for free, and many are worth trialling with free bonus cash – one day you’ll find a winner! Of course, for serious casino players, learning the classic skills such as card counting are the proven long-term way to success. Check out the example of a famous and relatively low risk online gambling strategy, for use in online casino games:

Labouchere gambling system

The Labouchere system is an infamous betting system, commonly used by gambling pro’s looking for a secure way to ‘always’ profit for even money wagers. It’s considered a safer online gambling systems than the volatile Martingale strategy. Essentially, you simply need to create a string of progressive numbers, and try to eliminate the chain to nothing:
Example Labouchere gambling chain: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

  • Add the first and last numbers: 1+6 = 7
  • Place a 7 credit wager
  • If the gamble wins, mark off the first and last numbers, leaving 2, 3, 4, 5 – with the series above
  • If the bet loses, add the number to the end of the chain = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Simply repeat the steps above to eliminate every number in the gambling chain

Surfing the web is sure to find you an array of similar gambling strategies to try out, and with low gambling levels and countless no-deposit bonus offers on the web, the playing field has never been more attractive for online gamblers. Gamble with care, but don’t be afraid to test out some potentially lucrative systems.

Placing Your Bet at Online Casinos

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing phenomenon on the internet with over 1200 online casinos on the net , nowadays you don’t need to live near a casino any more all you need is a computer with internet access and you are ready to experience gaming pleasure right in your home you can now enjoy your favorite games poker , roulette , slots , blackjack etc online gambling is fast becoming a favorite pastime of many is gaining a growing legion of fans as it is the best way to have fun and at the same time stand the chance of winning big one of the best things about online gambling is that its free you can download the software of the online casino on to your machine for free and if you can then play any of your favorite games , if you want to play for money all you need to do is open an account and you make a deposit this initial deposit alone gives you a bonus depending on which online casino you have joined with some offering bonuses of up to $500 you can’t afford to let this chance go by this is why it is important to join the best online casino for example millionaire casino , online Vegas , lucky 18 casino , golden casino to mention just a few the better the casino the more the games available for your pleasure and other features such as higher payouts and tournaments , some of the good online casino have places where you can go and interact with other players , online casinos have the advantage over real casinos because online casinos are open 24/7 and so don’t have to worry about time you just have to log on and play

Online gambling if not controlled can be dangerous to the player as it can become addictive , research has also shown that people tend to bet money than they would normally do at a real casino so once you see yourself displaying some strange behavior such as stealing and lying to cover for your gambling habit or you just find your self-day dreaming about wining and what you going to with all the cash money you probably should take break regain your senses and then later try your luck , however despite this problem gambling online is not at all a bad thing in fact there are many sites which offer free games so if you don’t have any money or just like playing for then online casino can cater to your needs .